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Computer Scientists Are Now Making A.I OnlyFans Models
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0:00 Intro
0:53 Bot Thot makes 73k per week
5:51 AI Women
10:50 AI Corn Deepfakes
15:52 MTR Rant

QTCinderella and other female Twitch stars discovered that deepfake NSFW using their faces was available online in a viral clip from fellow streamer Atrioc, who afterwards apologized for the incident. He stepped down from content creation in the aftermath of this scandal, stating that he’d help cover legal fees for those who want to try and combat such NSFW websites.

OnlyFans is a platform that allows creators to monetize their content, and it has become increasingly popular among adult content creators. However, with the rise of AI, some are beginning to wonder if this platform could see a significant shift in the near future…

One of the biggest advantages of AI is its ability to create highly realistic and customizable content. This is particularly useful in the adult entertainment industry where creators are constantly looking for ways to stand out and attract more subscribers. With AI, creators can create highly detailed and personalized content that can be tailored to the specific preferences of their audience.

In conclusion, AI has the potential to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry, but it’s important to consider the potential consequences of relying too heavily on AI models…
The Chosen One : If you don’t see it now you never will,the current rise of AI is the equivalent of Google’s rise in the early 2000s
Chanks : At this point i'm not even mad at them for doing that. I have no sympathy for the people paying content when obviously knowing it's fake.
Ben-Ken : Once they combine this AI mind with s3x doll bodies over humanoid robots, it's a wrap for OF, IG and dating in general.
Karl Jackson : She claims that the AI "went rogue" but also claims that the same AI is "an extension of her consciousness." If both statements are true, then how does it not follow that the woman herself would "talk dirty" in a chat with her "lonely followers" if not given a reason? Y'all need to read some Asimov - these AI's aren't going rogue, they're working exactly as intended.
Uncle Ricky : Them SIMPS, that donate money, should be ashamed of themselves, SMH…

Adult Actress CAUGHT Fake Crying During Live Stream For Attention

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@kevinabuuh4570 : She's not married yet cause she still assessing her options, she's not committed to him, she will beg for commitment when she's 40yrs old
@Kronos0999 : "If she knows someone's watching, the tears aren't real."
Realest advice I know.
@Lucifer_717 : ”Trust not a woman when she weeps, for it is her nature to weep when she wants her will.” Socrates

The Greek homies were on that red pill sh!t from way back.
@jerichoj3312 : A womans tears have become nothing to me..... they're liars.
@eduardoflores30 : Adriana Chechik é um dos motivos de eu estar conseguindo vencer o meu vício em pornografia, olhava praticamente todos os dias, dai um dia me deparei com um filme com ela, achei ela muito bonita, e comecei a procurar mais filmes dela, e ela é tão depravada, as coisas que faz nos filmes (principalmente em filmes gravados fora de estúdio, os filmes amadores) comecei a ficar com pena, comecei a pensar no que um pai e uma mãe sentem ao ver sua filha descer tão baixo a ponto de fazer o que ela faz, e comecei a ter esse pensamento em relação a todas atrizes pornôs, me peguei tendo pena de seus parentes e já não consigo mais olhar pornô.

Mike Tyson Doesn't like How Andrew Tate Makes Money

The former heavyweight boxing champion recently appeared on the famous Patrick Bet David show. During their chat, they discussed the importance of having a strong masculine figure in a young boy’s life as a role model. Tyson emphasized the good impact that a mentor may have on a young boy’s growth and development.

Furthermore, Mike Tyson inadvertently referenced the controversial figure, Andrew Tate, during their conversation. Tyson investigated Tate’s possible role model impact, showing how many influencers have gained attention and recognition through daring words, controversial beliefs, and fascinating material.
BXI : I can’t respect you and your work if you’re clickbaiting your viewers.
TouchMe-SAMA : Your titles are getting wild bro, might get irritating for me .
Veronica Robert : I feel incredibly fortunate for having made wise financial choices that have had a life-altering impact. As a single mother residing in Toronto, Canada, I successfully purchased my second home in September. If everything continues to progress positively, my aspiration is to retire next year at the age of 50.
BiG Kev : MTR you've been a stand up guy don't start clickbaiting.
Seabizkits n' Gravy : MTR, you're better than this. Your last few vids have had hella click bait titles. Your content sells without cheap sales tactics.




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