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2020 LG OLED l The Black 4K HDR 60fps

The Power of SELF-LIT PiXELS

Meet all new LG OLED with 100 million of SELF-LIT PiXELS.
When every pixel lights by itself, what you see becomes more
and Artistic.

The Power of SELF-LIT PiXELS

Learn more : https://www.lg.com/uk/oled-tvs

veena Kumari : Legends watch this at 144p
LiK : Damn, this is so amazing to watch on a capable screen. You guys need to make more demo videos like this.
OustFoX : With the compression of YouTube, is there any chance LG would give a downloadable version of this so we can see the true resolution and clarity of our monitor? For instance there is much lower artifacting than I expected in the blacks, but still possibly limiting to its abilities. I was just curious for LG monitors that don't have a "demo mode" built in. Thanks.
Kevin Faultner : I just got a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which has an AMOLED 120Hz display, and watching this video with the brightness cranked up to max is a beautiful showcase for this thing. Watching this video on a display that can really showcase the strengths of HDR is mind blowing.
Gopnik McBlyat : I've seen a lot of 4k content specifically on YouTube. This by far one of the best demos ever.

: LG Secretly Overhaul This OLED Feature on C3 & G3… Should You Buy C2 Instead?

LG has changed a key feature on the C3 \u0026 G3 OLEDs, which may push some buyers to get the C2 instead. Get Surfshark VPN at https://surfshark.deals/HDTVTest - Enter promo code HDTVTest for 83% off and 3 extra months FREE.

0:00 Shocking Change!
1:10 Bad News
1:53 How You're Affected
4:33 HDR Games Affected
7:16 Why LG Did This
8:35 vs C2

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Douglas Wright : Unless they fixed this feature, LG’s taking a big step backwards.
Mozart's Ghost : I understand closing the loophole to push a C2 into behaving like a G2, but to remove controls for TPC and GSR that's going too far
taylor : This sucks. If the option remains available to Hollywood studios then it should be available to consumers as well. Otherwise they’re going to be grading content in a way that doesn’t reflect how it actually looks on any retail LG OLED
RON B : Well this is a deal breaker for me. Watching Ozark on my LG G1 was unbearable at times with the dimming ,which I didn't notice so much on my LG C9. Thanks so much Vincent for the heads up with this huge change . Once again consumers are always on the short end of the stick . Hopefully ,there's a work around.
Thanks for your honest and hard work.
Jason S : They need to fix the algorithm to detect low light scenes not being mistaken for static screens

LG G3 vs LG C3 : l'OLED MLA ouvre une nouvelle ère en TV OLED ! boost phénoménal en luminosité ...


Les magasins Cobra :

- Cobra Boulogne : 87-89 av. Edouard Vaillant, 92100

- Cobra Paris 11 : 66 avenue Parmentier, 75011

Suivez moi,
Partage des coulisses, des infos et des bons plans en avant première :
Instagram / Twitter : Benji Cobra TV

Chapitres :
0:00 Toute la nouvelle gamme de TV 2023 LG ! QNED MiniLed OLED C3 et MLA OLED G3 !
1:35 La gamme OLED 2023 : B3, C3 et G3 !
2:38 Les nouvelles fonctionnalités 2023 et Nouvelles interfaces TV OLED LG
4:14 Nouveau mode image : Assistant d'image personnalisée
6:00 Comparatif OLED MLA LG G3 et OLED Evo LG C3
9:10 LG G3 quelle différence avec LG G2 ?
11:16 Nouveauté son : Wow Orchestra et nouvelle barre de son SC9S
12:25 MLA OLED : la nouvelle ère des téléviseurs OLED
@BenjiCobra : Bonjour à tous
Au fait le DTS X est dorénavant intégré dans les TV !

Alors les prix de Lancement (en euro) :

С3 42 1600
C3 48 1700
С3 55 2100
C3 65 2900
С3 77 4200
C3 83 6500

G3 55 2600
G3 65 3600
G3 77 5000
G3 83 7500
@audirs3661 : Allez hop je commande une g3 le jour de sa sortie ou une c3 c’est incroyable l’avance qui ont sur Samsung .LG sont vraiment les meilleurs télévisions au monde
@davidt3814 : Merci beaucoup pour ce contenu.
Dommage que la captation ne soit pas en HDR

En tout cas, le match avec le QD-OLED va être violent. Cette année on va frôler la perfection de l'image.
Ce sera quoi la suite ? J'espère le retour de la 3D
@belliermatthieu9223 : Le G3 a l'air génial mais j'aimerais un comparatif avec le MZ200 au niveau calibration d'image et son intégré (compatibilité HDR du G3).
@suppafly68 : j’ai l’impression que les télé 2023 vont être exceptionnelles mais bon je ne suis pas près de lâcher mon JZ2000 avant quelques années merci pour l’enthousiasme quand même




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